100 CF lab is defined better in terms of its unique organization culture and value system to help produce leaders. Every 100 CFite lives on a daily basis with following commandants.


    For great leaders character is more important than strategy. Leader builds great teams on the foundation of character. Character is build upon core human values such Fairness, Integrity, Respect, Sincerity, and Trust (FIRST). Every CFite would come forward and lead by example to achieve integrity level of 101 percent. We will never speak lies among ourselves and to all our stake holders whether they are our investors, our customers or our vendors. Telling lies is a showcase of one's own short comings instead of focusing on one’s strengths gifted by god to an individual. There is a saying that Leaders are born. 100 CF will create enough exceptions that the leaders could be made. Leadership is about taking responsibility irrespective any level in organizational hierarchy. Every CFite is expected to behave like leaders.

  • 2 : TEAM WORK -

    Those who take the responsibility of mistakes will be called leaders. Leader is one who passes the credits of achievements to his team mates and shares the burden of mistakes in crisis situations. There is no place for the word 'i' in this organization. Every CFite will play of role of whistle blower if any one uses the words like I, me and mine. We, Us and ours should be used often at 100 CF. Commonly avoided phrases are

    1. This is my idea.

    2. I have done this.

    3 This is what I think.

    4 If I were in his place, I would have done it differently.

    5. That was not my decision.

    6. That was my idea.

    Following phrases will be commonplace

    1. This is our idea.

    2. We have done this.

    3. This is how we think.

    4. If we were in their place, we would have done it differently.

    5. That was not ours decision.

    The biggest challenge will come from external world and the ones who are sometimes our own friends and family. They will always point out that you have done this. It is generally because of their love with you. We have to make them understand that bigger goals achievements are result of combined energy and hard work of a group of persons and Team. We as an individual owes credit to Team work all the time. We are 100 CFite.


    We would be the creator of Innovative ideas and its execution, being an Innovative Company; we look to work on Ingenious ideas & focus on massive Innovations which brings productive changes in a massive number of people. We will not be me too company and neither would restrict our self with one or two Innovation, in fact, we will go for “N” number of Innovations one after the another and all Innovations would be unique in nature by new ways of doing product innovations, businesses, processes, deliveries, services, strategy etc which were never done in past by any entity or Individual. Innovative Ideas would be contributed by every individual of the organization though it may get failed or contains mistakes but here we celebrate failures as an in-depth experience & learning. In our organization if people don’t commit mistakes they will be left behind. We would continue to innovate many massive scalable ideas for the first time.


    We see it as a key performance indicator within a business. In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers, customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of business strategy. We believe Customer Satisfaction as a forever success with no chance of any sort of compromise in that and we keep our qualitative services on top to give them customer delight. Creation of new customer is always been expensive than retention of a customer which should be 80% as per our standard targets and Customer satisfaction is based on the criteria that success means when the customer refers another 5 customers at the time of start & after delivering of services. If it doesn’t happen means something went wrong & we are not up to the mark which we strictly need to look after. Operation Manager and project manager servicing to clients help build repo with existing clients and he/she helps refer bring another customer. Out Operation manager becomes Business development manager for existing client as soon as work is started with new clients.

  • 5 : EXECUTION -

    Execution is about making things happen. Timely completion of tasks one after another leads to successful completion. It is about bias for actions. It is about decision making and moving ahead to next steps after finishing. One needs to develop nerves of reaching to conclusions and then moving to the next steps. Sometimes we more focus on completing a task in time whereas it is more about making start ahead of time. One should be focusing to starting next activity, then next activity and then next. A timely delivery to our customers is something of paramount importance. Hard work has no substitute. One always makes in time when he catches train. We always reach before the train departures. . Same analogy is to be followed for milestones we plan. We need to plan finish much before the milestones arrives. It is more a matter of habit. One who overcomes the habit becomes achiever in his life.