Co-Founder + Idea = Unicorn

100 Co-founders Lab a mobile tech accelerator(Venture Builder) creates the process which could help in origin of ideas on the one side, put all the ideas one by one in queue and build an Idea Bank. On the other side, goes for talent hunting of the co-founders, who are willing to become an entrepreneur. After, mapping Ideas with the right co-founders, we make them partner into the massive and meaningful tryst with successful journey.

Co-founder Hunting

Creating Start Up around the selected idea. 100 Co-founders lab follow structured 10 point frame work process while they identify CEO Co-founders. Ideal CEO Co-founder is one who-

Believes that he can raise his aspiration level to become tech giants like yahoo, facebook and google of the world from India and he is not afraid of failure.
Think there is a solution to every problem, no matter how long it takes.
Think he has a will and persistence, no matter he lacks resources.
Can think ultra big as thinking big is out of fashion, no matter people think about him as a fool and impractical
Think massive scale idea and businesses could be achieved; no matter they begin with small step or start in the garage
Is full of energy and passion, no matter he has to slog out in the wee hours so that your every customer remains satisfied.
Think mega solutions on mobile internet could be created, marketed and sold, no matter how qualified he is.
Is ready to take sweat equity and just pocket money, no matter he has lucrative corporate jobs at your disposal and no matter that he has to employ manpower who draws more salary than him.
Think his team is first than him, no matter he has to make sacrifices on an individual level.
And because taking risk gives him kick ….he is an ideal CEO co-founder.

If You are the right cofounder then apply here.

Our 5 Point philosophy for every Unicorn.

India is witnessing startup tech revolution. The beauty of these tech revolutionary ideas is that they could be started in a garage and same time may have the potential of becoming massively scalable. 100 Co-founders generate ideas through brainstorming among diversified tech enabled the talented young breed. One idea, out of hundreds of Ideas debated, is able to pass through the following 5 Point framework.

1 Every Person should be a customer for the Business Idea.
2 He is a repetitive customer for the said Business Idea.
3 The Idea could be started in a garage.
4 Need near zero – employee organization to execute the idea.
5 Idea should be heavy on Mobile Internet.


India is witnessing start up tech revolution.It is formed with an extraordinary and unique concept for India. It aims to encourage the innovative ideas for starting up which have the potential to expand in future. The ideas so generated are implemented through the dedicated and determined entrepreneurs appointed through 10 points frame work of 100 CF Lab. 100 Co-founders Lab aspires to strengthen the India’s startup ecosystem with a pool of excellent ideas and co-founders capable to bring impact change in the economy.

Co-founder Unicorns:

100 Co-founders Lab originates ingenious mobile Internet and IOT based ideas through in house processes. 100CF lab looks for individuals who are ready to sacrifice their job for startup of the idea originated from 100 CF Lab. Under the notion of Co-founder Unicorn, ideal CEO Co-founder will be searched and appointed to launch the potential idea. Sufficient potion of equity is shared with the individual who takes the challenging task to execute the business idea and willing to work in a very competitive salary cum pocket money. The equity ranges from 5% to 15% for CEO Cofounder subject to pre decided investment cap by 100 CF lab.

Idea Unicorns

of 100 Co-founders Lab are the start ups in which outside individuals impart their Ideas to 100 CF Lab provided the idea passes through 5 point idea frame work of 100 CF lab. These individuals are the ones who can not afford to invest and can not leave job because of various reasons. 100 CF not only invest but also build team to execute the idea. 100 CF Lab awards equity of 15 % to such individuals subject to pre decided investment cap by 100 CF Lab.

Re-start Unicorns

are the start ups failed to execute a great idea in past. These are the start ups at the verge of shutting down and 100 CF lab comes to rescue and rejuvenate the same. 100 Co-founders Lab teams up again to turn around the business idea. The equity to original founder is negotiated and 10O CF Lab re starts the start up again putting its own resources going forward.

Companion Unicorns

are the ones who partners with100 Co-founders Lab. 100 CF Lab seeks to provide a helping hand to those who have the sufficient monetary resources and willing to invest in the start up of an idea and thus takes a little portion of equity. Required monitoring or guidance help, sufficient technical resources, marketing resources and needed support is provided to the Companion Unicorn from 100 CF Lab. 100 Co-founders Lab help connect Companion Unicorn to appropriate persons, associates, consultants etc. 100 CF Lab framework of best practices for start ups, help Companion Unicorn to quickly take off the business idea.

100 Co-founders Lab which is a mobile tech accelerator(Venture Builder) aims to establish one-of-its own kind ideas to bring a revolutionary change in the Indian start up ecosystem. 100 CF Lab renders a pool of creative and impressive talent to those individuals who are willing to implement the ideas. The vision of 100 Co-founders Lab is to raise the aspirations of those common individuals who have innovative ideas and creative skills by providing them a big platform.



CEO & CoFounder Mhooter

Akshat Tiwari

CEO & CoFounder Callthedoc

Hemant Soni

CEO & CoFounder mPass

Sourabh Jagga

CEO & CoFounder mBroadcast

About Us

Formed in the month of May, at the helm of 100 Co-founders Lab, is a team of wide variety of technology individuals and Start up Entrepreneurs, Co-founders and CEOs lead by Mr. Sanjay Yadav. Sanjay Yadav in past was instrumental in establishing multiple businesses from ground zero. He has been pioneer Angel Investor in Rajasthan and brought first time in Rajasthan the Angel Group as Co-founder of RAIN (Rajasthan Angel Investor Network).

The organization believes in building never-ending relationships with customers by sharing professional and ethical values. We always try and strive for creating it first, and many firsts in our products. Our constant endeavor is to focus on innovations and creativity.

People and Partnership philosophy has been our DNA. We believe in making each and every stakeholder- employees, investors, associates, consultants, and vendors - feel partner in our process of creation.

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